What is this?

This is the joint online portfolio of comics creator team Friberg/Thorelli.


Who are you?

We are Emelie Friberg and Mattias Thorelli, two comic artists born in 1983 who are currently residing in southern Sweden. We have both studied at the Comic Art School of Malmö for two years, and we've been making comics and other art together since 2005. More info can be found here and here.

Mattias & Emelie


Who does what? / Isn't working together hard?

Emelie is the main script writer, inker and colorist whereas Mattias is responsible for the actual drawings and the majority of necessary thumbnails. Working together is, admittedly, sometimes a great pain in the ***, but mostly everything flows smoothly.


Hey, don't you draw anything except comics?

Hehe, well, we would, but What Birds Know honestly takes up so much of our time (we update with at least 4 pages per week) that we unfortunately seldom have the time for random doodling (except commissions, naturally). But of course that happens too. There is a tiny non-comic art collection to be found at our DeviantArt page for those interested.


Will you do commissions?

Yes, we will (for both comics and single art pieces). Contact us and we'll discuss!


I love your work! How can I support you?


Have I not seen you before under a different name?

Yes, that's correct. We used to go by the name Hallon Press, but eventually grew out of the name when we realized we weren't actually making a lot of printed products. Comics, yes. Press, no. ;)

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