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Whoa, 700 pages! *confetti* :D

This number is a extra special to us for a reason. When we were finishing our first year of comic school, our favorite teacher said to us, regarding future projects: “Start small, and work your way up. You cannot do a 700 pages long fantasy comic. Don’t even think about it.” As of this update, we would just like to say the following: you were wrong, mr. well-meaning, realistic sir. ^__^

And the comic continues…

Discussion (7)¬

  1. Lee M says:

    Some of the greatest achievements in the world have been made by people who didn’t know or care that they were impossible. Congratulations!

  2. Carapace says:

    Yeah, to heck with those sensible, realistic advice- givers! What do the know?XD
    (Quite a lot, actually..but I’m glad you didn’t listen! WBK is one of my favorite stories of the last ten years, dark as it’s been. So glad you didn’t take the sensible path!)

  3. Eykee says:

    I’m glad you’ve produced 700+ pages of WBK :)

  4. Micha says:

    Yay, the story continues :)

  5. Elizabetonth says:

    :) Congratulations on the 700 pages. That’s brilliant. And your comic is WONDERFUL.

  6. Gillsing says:

    Well, that sure oughta show him! :-D

    And it’s 700 good pages too. :-)

  7. Aviatrix says:

    Is it really your first project, though? You must have *started* smaller than this, no?