Two new pages are up!


2) Something I just noticed: These pages, out of which one is named 813, are unintentionally uploaded on 13/3 at 03:13 (Swedish time), which happens to be my birthday, on which I turn 31. It also took us 13 days to finish the pages for this upload. WHUT. *X-files theme song*


Discussion (2)¬

  1. Elizabetonth says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, it’s my birthday, too! I logged on thinking that an update would be the BEST birthday treat, and THERE IS ONE! Happy happy birthday. Aaaaaaand…there are 3 birds in 1 cage? I suppose that’s stretching it a bit.

  2. FribergThorelli says:

    All right! *high fives* And thank you, that is so sweet. ♥