Behind the scenes

A long time ago – around the year 1999 or so – I (Emelie) was introduced to a certain video game, Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation. I played it every day for a whole summer and enjoyed it immensely, but it was still only that, some entertainment after work. However, one night I had a really strong, vivid dream based on one of the levels in the game (Temple of Poseidon, if you really want to know…) and when I woke up I just couldn’t get the image out of my head. I figured this could be the setting for a cool comic of some kind, but the lack of plot and advanced drawing skills put and end to the nameless project rather quickly. I knew three important facts, though: there was going to be a tower, the main characters were going to be three girls – one redhead, one curvy brunette and one tall blonde – and eggs were to be involved somehow (but by then it was unclear how/why). I managed a total of two (2) concept drawings for the comic before giving it up. Here they are:

Afterwards the idea was promptly forgotten, and the years passed by. In August 2004, I was accepted into The Comic School of Malmö and there I met a certain Mattias Thorelli. We hooked up and a year later I showed him my old concept drawings and we got to talking about what could have been of that comic. We went out for a walk and talked and talked and plotted the whole night, and when we came back to the apartment we typed everything down so that we wouldn’t forget what we’d come up with, and by the time the sun rose that morning the basic plot for What Birds Know was born. :)

In October/November 2005 we started working on the comic for real, and we posted the first 10 pages online on November 30th. Oh, and as a side note: in 2007 we replayed the game so that I could show Mattias the level that inspired the whole thing back in the days, and to my surprise the level was… well, nothing at all like I had remembered. Hah.

Here are some old concept sketches from when we’d just started to plot out the comic, back in the fall of 2005.