Thank you for all the nice comments and likes that have been dropping in over the last few days. We truly appreciate it. :) As promised, here’s a little post about what we’re going to do next.

First of all, we’re going to take a small break from this comic that has been following us around for far too long already. ^^ At least a couple of months will be 100% WBK free.

When we feel ready to get back up on the horse again, we’re going to start touching up on the oldest chapters so that they’ll look and feel more similar to the newer ones. We’re not going to go bananas and redraw the whole shebang for 100% consistency, but some light reworking will definitely be done. We were amateurs when we started out, and we don’t want the final product to be too uneven. (The reworked pages won’t be posted online, so the fresher and better-looking final version of the comic will be dead tree edition only. All the more reason to buy it! ;)) In the meantime we’ll start looking for a publisher. If nobody wants our book, we’ll probably self-publish, but we’re at least going to try the traditional route first.

We also have other projects in the works, both together and as individuals. :) We will probably never make anything as huge as WBK again (but never say never, right?), so it’s likely that future projects are going to be more lightweight. Most of these plans are still secret, but if you keep following us on Facebook and/or our new Instagram account, you’ll find out everything about it in good time.

What about the world of WBK, then? Will there be sequels? Prequels? Let’s put it this way: after almost 12 years on the same project, we’re definitely ready to move on. However, we can say with 100% certainty that we WILL return to Ev-la Nin at some point. We already have several story ideas – some we’ve been thinking about for years already – so the WBK world with all its characters will absolutely be back sooner or later, but explored in short comic form only. A “real” sequel of 1000+ pages of its own is not likely to ever happen, which we hope is understandable.

…and …that’s pretty much it?

Again, thanks for reading What Birds Know, and hope to see you around!

-Emelie & Mattias

Ps. If you liked this comic, please tell your friends about it. :)

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