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  1. Patricia says:

    Damn! Now I’m officially freaked out!
    She turned into one of these shadow creatures, didn’t she? I guess we should have foreseen some kind of nemesis coming… She was a little too greedy for her own good…

    Amazing comix, by the way! I’ve been following it for some time now, and I love its originality, the sketching style and the well-built flow of the story. Keep it up!

    • FribergThorelli says:

      Patricia: Thank you for your nice words! :)

      As for Elia turning into “one of these shadow creatures”, well… actually, in this page she’s just dissolving into some kind of ashes-like substance (it would have been more clear if we had managed to finish 5 pages this week, since you can see it more clearly in the next upcoming pages). The “shadow creatures” are just hallucinations, so they’re not made of any particular material, but we can understand the confusion since the color’s roughly the same. Oh well, everything will be explained in the end. ;)

  2. kschenke says:

    You know, we’ve been waiting for this (or something like it) to happen for so long. I mean, I’ve been reading this for years now and in the last few months I’ve known we have been getting close to some kind of destruction… and now I’m so invested in the characters I just hope she’s ok.

  3. Galadriel says:

    Ah, where is the *real* Elia?

  4. Kaida says:

    Oh my gosh D:

    How will they explain that!!! Everything seemed like it could get better for her at home… or at least interesting events would happen….

  5. A says:


    Oh dear. This doesn’t bode well!

    Great comic. =)

  6. icequeen0808 says:

    Wow! I’ve only been reading this comic for the past few months and it has really put me on edge! whats gonna happen to Elia? AHH!! Its so good, I wish you guys could put more of the story up at a time ;)
    If this were a movie, I would TOTALLY watch it!

  7. JessKat says:

    Oh snap! Wasn’t expecting that.

  8. Emelina Zatara says:

    I’ve been following this for maybe two years–

    And I’m just as excited to read it more than I have been. PLEASE HURRY! I MUST KNOW MORE 8D

  9. Aviatrix says:

    I do like that we can comment on the strips now, as it will create a community of people that appreciate them. But don’t spend your creative energy here worrying about us not understanding what is going on, or jumping to the wrong conclusions. Speculating is part of the fun and we want all your energy to go into making more drawings.

  10. Emily says:

    D: OMG OMG OMG!!!! NOOO!!! Elia!!!! nooo!!!! D:
    This is getting really nightmarish! I mean… I really had no idea where this was going up until now, and it seems to have taken a turn for the horror-side! D: I mean, I love horror, but I didn’t expect it! I thought… you know… cute adventure story about 3 best friends on a journey of self discovery, and birds eventually. WHOOAAAH. Is she really gone?? Ahhh!! I can’t wait for updates now, I am on the edge of my seat!!

  11. Elle-Belle says:

    Wow, crazy! Maybe to make it seem more ashy, you could make it appear grainy, for example, dotting all the gray “ash” with little black dots.

  12. Aidan says:

    Oh my goodness goodness goodness me this is just the BEST webcomic in the ENTIRE world! Art, story, everything, is completely brilliant, and MY GOODNESS the suspense is absolutely killing me. Thank you two for being so brilliant.

  13. Nick says:

    Like many of the folks here I’ve been reading What Birds Know for a good few years now, and I’m always eagerly awaiting updates. The art and story have been consistently great over the period of the comic, well done on keeping it going for so long! I also second the point by Aviatrix – don’t let the comments change the direction to your original ideas, keep it real. =p

  14. Tom says:

    ah, men kom igen! tillbaks till skrivbordet, sluta inte jobba! :D har följt med enda sedan start, asbra serie!

  15. Dee says:

    Holy crap… :o Nooo… Elia. :( I hope she will be all right in the end. And ash-like substance?! Yeesh… I will not be okay after reading this. :P

  16. Kam says:

    Did they… drain her time from her? Surely Elia will not die here, considering we spent the last month or so developing her character!

    Atleast, I hope not. :(

  17. Meghan says:

    Unlike many here, I have not been reading this comic for years. In fact, I just read it all in one go yesterday and this is the point where I had to back away from my computer in shock, pick up the story a few hours later, and have nightmares about it that night. Even without the build-up of tension over months, this story is incredibly affecting and I’m really looking forward to more of it.

  18. Dextritus says:


    This is INSANE.
    Just read all the pages in about an hour or two, but seriously, wasn’t expecting THAT.
    This is amazingly creepy.

  19. Miw says:

    Whut??? Noooo! Elia no! :O
    Now what? :o

  20. MaemiSedai says:

    NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! QAQ I can’t… wehreofnarucodshneafhdb!!
    That’s all I have to say.

  21. Yisckah says:

    Damn…I mean, TVTropes prepared me for this but I still was not expecting THAT.

  22. Thisguy says:

    Yeah shes dead.

  23. Noodly says: