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  1. MrCold says:

    The birds are behaving strangely. Do they know something?

  2. D' says:

    What birds know…

  3. shadesogrey says:

    I’ve been following this comic for over 5 years now and I still have no idea what is really going on or what it means. I wonder if the appearance of the birds indicate that we’ll soon find out? I hope so.

  4. HenrikeD says:

    You know something bad will happen when one of the birds sings out of tune….

  5. Lee M says:

    Aw, the birds aren’t acting strangely. They’re just tweeting each other.

  6. 13thprotector says:

    What do they know, that we don’t?

  7. Thomar says:

    She has a good point. If anyone finds out they have this much gold, thieves won’t stop at killing them to take it all. It might even be enough to make it worth raiding the entire village.

  8. Vic says:

    What do they know that we don’t? Well, anything at all about the basic plot. I think we have a pacing issue at hand.

  9. Amity says:

    The basic plot of this comic couldn’t be easier to grasp. Three perfectly normal young women went on a perfectly normal trip together into a perfectly normal forest.

    Beyond that.. what do you want? It’s not called, “What Everyone Knows,” or “What Birds Know But You Can Easily Guess Too.”

  10. Lee M says:

    OK, on a serious note, if everyone starts trying to spend all that gold (assuming it doesn’t turn to dust or something horrible beforehand) it will seriously devalue the currency. Inflation will go nuts.

  11. Calamari says:

    …what’s going to prevent the eggs from hatching outside Creepy Land and turning everyone into ashes?

    I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

  12. MrCold says:

    If they’re real gold and not just gold-coloured (didn’t they mention their weight at some point?) then logically they won’t be able to hatch, even if there was something inside. Of course, logic doesn’t seem to work.

  13. Alien says:

    A pacing issue? You must be kidding, Vic. This is leading us on like a masterpiece few can match.

  14. Noodly says:

    uh oh birds