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  1. lianne says:

    Aack, this series, it’s killing me!

    It’s so tense, because I really have no idea how horribly it will all end. Brilliant but painful!

  2. Russ says:

    This is really horrifying. I have to admire Vandi a lot right now.

  3. Ally says:

    If she’s going to do what I THINK she’s going to do…


  4. Gillsing says:

    Oh. Evacuate the city. I wonder how Ian could convince them of that? Well, at least he ought to be able to make people keep an eye out, so that they’ll notice the wriggling black mass coming for them.

  5. MrCold says:

    All of this has happened before. All of it will happen again.

  6. 13thprotector says:

    Now dons the “hero”, will she sacrifice herself to defeat them? Will she be able to save her dear friends and family? Will there be a sequel or a second story we’ll be able to read?

    All this and more when the time comes right, and I have patience to wait.

  7. HenrikeD says:

    Oh my, is Vandi going to do what I think she`s going to do?

    And the black things look like feathers in some places in the last panel. We still don`t know what this all has to do with the birds. What do they know?

  8. Keyshe says:

    D: Okay… everything bad I thought could happen– this is so much worse.

    If anyone can convince the town it’s Ian, he’s very charismatic. Love these pages so much, sooo worth the wait!

  9. Ailin says:

    I’m so happy that I followed this webcomic for soooooo long, to reach this point. I felt like the eggs would hatch, but never would’ve assumed all this. Soooooo intriguing. I wonder what the worms will morph into… (* ~ *)

  10. Martel says:

    I like that the “krack” sound effect is done in wood.

  11. dredogastus f says:

    What do those black worms remind me of?

    “It was a time of Gods, and Demons”
    Intro to Princess Mononoke