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  1. Dinka says:

    I am LOVING that there are no words in this chapter thus far…they aren’t needed (yet)! SO GOOD!

  2. tehbeefer says:

    wibbly-wobbly buildings :)

  3. Alien says:

    I want a wibbly-wobbly (timey-wimey?) building!
    They look almost like coral :)

  4. 13thprotector says:

    Time for a boss battle! Vandi lacks any sort of weapon, so what will she use to fight this monstrosity?
    Que the awesome bad guy song.

  5. keeana says:

    Annnnndddd I’m caught up in the archives. Curses!
    Love the comic :)

  6. may says:

    That last panel is very powerful.