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Page 708

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  1. JennyB says:

    Why didn’t they mention that immediately?? Grr, I don’t trust ’em…

  2. myowntree says:

    That…is probably the right question, but the last one you actually want an answer to…

  3. Orinocou says:

    I love Vandi’s range of expressions over these few pages.

  4. MrCold says:

    I just noticed that they’re not just made of the same material as the egg monsters, they’re made of egg monsters! Notice the small eyes.

  5. Lee M says:

    So… they are the egg-men (goo goo goojoob)?

    Sorry, couldn’t resist. I’ve just been listening to the White Albumen.

    All right, enough with the yolks.

  6. elCo says:

    Okay, I went through the archive up to this point in one sitting. The art looked good from the start, and only got better from then on. Riveting story, good characters (even the less likeable), very emotional. Call me hooked.