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  1. HenrikeD says:

    Hey, give her a break, you basicly just told them you’re responsible for her best friends’ deaths!

  2. Elizabetonth says:

    Thing is, I wonder whether they really are the good guys. The first pages have someone in a crown leaving someone to punishment, and the someone in a crown doesn’t seem like the good guy there, and these two definitely seem like they’re on thrones. I wonder if they’re just TRICKSY.

  3. MC says:

    For some weird reason I feel like they’re connected to Dores and Elia ..

  4. Bama says:

    I don’t trust them either! The creature in the woods is probably evil, but if these two were good they might show a little more compassion. I’m betting they were set up to stall Vandi from doing whatever it is she’s supposed to do.

  5. ellen says:

    @MC: I have a theory that the angry one is “Dores”, and the kind one with longer “hair” (if you can even call it that) is “Elia”. But both of them have been absorbed into the egg things, so they are acting different, obviously. Hm, we’ll have to wait and see, I suppose!

  6. Carolyn says:

    Screw you…you…melty…egg thing guy!

  7. Gillsing says:

    Maybe all this time would have been better spent giving a quick bullet point explanation instead of trying to engage in dramatic dialogue shrouded in urgent mystery? After all, they seem to have had plenty of time to prepare themselves for her arrival. They could’ve rehearsed what they were going to say, and taken turns playing her role. I bet they’re regretting such missed opportunities now! ;-)

    You know, unless they’re trying to trick her. Then a dramatic dialogue shrouded in urgent mystery might have been their best shot.

  8. jester says:

    And here’s the question plaguing my mind: why Vandi? Why was she able to open the door? Why was she the only one able to resist the allure of the magical eggs (unless it’s just that the magic amplified each person’s biggest flaw, and Vandi’s is fear and worrying)? Why have they been waiting for HER and HER ALONE all this time? Why does she seem to just know what to do?

  9. Aviatrix says:

    Is it connected with her father’s knowledge of history? She and her family did come from another place.