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  1. Gillsing says:

    Looks like the Oracles of Nin are not quite as well-known as they thought they are. Unlike those knights who say “Ni”. They’re pretty famous.

  2. Lee M says:

    Nine Inch Nails?!

  3. Koru says:

    Bit of an anticlimax there, eh, ladies?

  4. Kunama says:

    That WTF look on Vandi’s face

  5. FribergThorelli says:

    Hmm, I have to say I’m honestly surprised and a bit curious about your reactions. Anyone care to explain why Vandi looking shocked by the sudden display of oracle power is so funny? She’s been looking shocked for a couple of pages already, and it wasn’t intended to be funny so I’m just curious.

    And the last panel is just them falling back to a more “normal person” posture, not necessarily huge anti-climactic disappointment that Vandi didn’t fall on her knees in reverence or something similar. But I guess I can see how it could be interpreted like that, since the update happened to end on that panel instead of everything being part of a longer sequence.


  6. Jaysika says:

    I have to admit I concur with the other reactions here – the scene struck me as kind of funny. Perhaps extend the show of power through the panel of Vandi’s reaction, and the end panel, and have them return to normal on the next page? Might lend a bit more gravitas.

  7. Greta says:

    I didn’t find her reaction funny. I honestly just find the whole situation to be rather sad. I mean, they are oracles, yet they are powerless and need Vandi’s help.

    p.s Love the comic but I missed this last couple of updates since you stopped updating the RSS feed. I only checked if there was an update out of curiosity and I was happy to see there was a recent one :)

  8. K says:

    I think it looks a little funny because I didn’t get that they were expressing power… It just looked like they were striking a super hero pose. Also, I wasn’t sure if we were supposed to know who the Oracles of Nin are? Has it been mentioned before and I’ve just forgotten? I agree with Jaysika… Maybe a lasting special effect to remind us that they’re powerful, or something?

  9. library says:

    For me it was the last panel that made it funny rather than Vandi’s expression. Because it makes them kinda look like they’re saying “uuuhh… soo? you’re not going to react??”

  10. FribergThorelli says:

    Not to say that your reactions are wrong, of course. It’s just good to know what the readers are thinking sometimes, so we can learn from it. :) Also, Vandi and the Oracles are not exactly in tune with each others feelings right now, so this is an awkward scene. Just not intended to be downright funny, but okay. That is indeed a bit of a “super hero” pose they’re striking (remember this?), to show Vandi that they’re the real deal.

    And no, you are not expected to know who the Oracles of Nin are – we are getting there now, so just relax. ^^ Though you might have seen them before, and the whole story revolves around a building called The Tower of the Oracles, after all. ;)

    Is there something wrong with the RSS feed? It seems to work in Google Reader for us, though admittedly, neither of us tend to use rss feeds, so we are likely to miss these things.

    • Gillsing says:

      Ahh, I had completely forgotten about that image on the wall. And I’m not sure I would’ve remembered it even if I had read all these pages in one go. I tend to mostly remember things that seem connected to the plot, and if a piece is left unconnected for too long, I forget about it.

      But it still kind of looks as if they’re deflated by Vandi apparently not having heard of any Oracles of Nin, and that can easily be seen as a bit funny. I’m pretty sure that a grand statement followed by a lack of expected reaction followed by deflation is fairly common in humour.

  11. Karretch says:

    I just recently discovered your story and yet I feel like it’s shortly coming to an end. Loving it so far with the wonderful storytelling, but it’s this feeling of penultimate climax that makes me sad that I didn’t find it sooner and could enjoy it longer or later so I could enjoy it all at once. Are my worries justified? IDK, but I will be awaiting updates now for another wonderful story added to my ever growing collection.

    • FribergThorelli says:

      Hope you’ll continue to follow WBK! Although this will be the final chapter, we are not at the end just yet. It will still take a while.


  12. Amity says:

    It’s a question of visual phrasing. There is a lot of energy and drama in the central panel, and then two very undramatic images of the characters looking at each other statically.

    The fact that the reaction takes 2 panels is part of it — that creates the sense of an extended, and given the other cues awkward, pause.

    Purely as a thought experiment, consider how it would look if it just ended with Vandi’s reaction, instead. Or if the oracles’ final panel had the same dramatic energy as the central one.

  13. Aviatrix says:

    Indeed, neither the name Nin, nor the concept of oracles has come up in the comic before, despite all the time the girls have had to wonder what’s going on here, so presumably Vandi has never heard of them. Whether or not she recognizes their hairstyles from the carvings is probably not as significant as the fact that she’s been pulled into the alternate reality of a couple of ghosts. I’m guessing her next line will resemble, “So this town was called Nin? And you had oracles?”