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  1. Djiril says:

    It looks like we’ve come back around to the golden eggs now. I can’t wait to see the next update!

  2. Dinru says:

    I just reread the entire archive. Oh my goodness. I just. This is the best comic on the internet, I swear. I’m impatiently waiting for each new page. I can’t wait. Thank you for this amazing comic!

  3. spas says:

    it does look like the mystery of the golden eggs is about to be explained…ala OUAT’s ‘magic always has a price’ theory.

  4. dodoa says:

    This is NOT the kind of comic you want to stumble across a week before your finals…

  5. Keyshe says:

    The golden eggs now come into the picture :(
    Very sad story of a boy king who grows up with out any thing stable but satiating his desires. Very sad mentally-ill child-man who through his evil and his followers destroys the world :(

    Wonderful told!

  6. Kunama says:

    Uh. Are you two alright? I know your update schedule can be kind of sporadic but usually you don’t go this long without some sort of word.

  7. Ikaru says:

    Ahh, I just found this tonight, and spent several hours reading through it, and….damn! I thought it was gonna be fluffy coming of age….boy was I ever wrong!

    It has been so amazing, the story is original, and does not give in to the usual tropes, and is so sad and beautiful and sad…and now I have to wait for updates?! T_T

  8. Aviatrix says:

    The “suggested he stepped down from the throne” seems to come out of nowhere. It doesn’t appear he’s ever solicited or that they have given political advice before and it seems like an almost suicidal thing for them to say. As it was “against better judgement” they did think about it, so why did they say it? They were that convinced that there was someone better ready to step up, and that he would pay any attention to them?