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  1. HenrikeD says:

    Again they look so much alike Vandi, Dores and Elia in their attitude or am I seeing things?

    Bird in a cage, gold…… I think the golden eggs are coming.

  2. Evilbob says:

    “What Birds Know is a graphic novel in progress, created by Emelie Friberg & Mattias Thorelli. It’s intended to be read in printed form, but for now you can read it online for free.”

    I suppose that means we can look forward to soon have the opportunity to own this story in print form… yeeesssss?

  3. Emmy says:

    Glad to see you back! I was getting worried, hoping you two were okay – sorry things have been rough :(

  4. Ikaru says:

    It is so nice to get like…what, 8 pages in a row? Allows the story to flow. And things are getting more and more intense. And darker and sad….