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Page 766

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  1. Ikaru says:

    new pages? My day just got so much better! XD Thank you! And the tension mounts…looks like youngest one has an idea maybe?

  2. Mars says:

    Food to gold?

  3. Lee M says:

    “Jeez, how should we know? Lay golden eggs or something?”

  4. Tom says:

    I love the lighting in these panels :>

  5. spas says:

    3 rapunzelstiltkins, sitting in a tree
    by morning they’ll create a catastrophe
    or so a golden birdie told me

  6. Ikaru says:

    Is she looking at the grapes or the papers?

  7. Keyshe says:

    Scary update :( I can’t wait to see how they figure out what to do, I know it will end very badly but I still want to hope lol.
    Gorgeous pages these dark blue shadows and light orange lighting.