Page 783

Page 783

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  1. Oho, so maybe the land wasn’t warped by some cataclysm, but just poorly “made”!

  2. ChieOluk says:

    Whoa, wait, one girl says “There’s no gold left in the valley,” and the other girl says, “There’s lots of gold left in the valley.” Does she mean the wealth of the king? Are they going to conquer their own reflection?

  3. KFob says:

    These three do seem to need help from Vandi, the only “reflection” of the magic sisters left. It does also beg the question of which reality is the reflected world and which is real.

  4. Ikaru says:

    Now things are getting interesting…just as the sun rises. They cut it close there. And I am eager to see how they work out the semantics.

  5. GeneseePaws says:

    Well I think that is who we saw getting dragged away from the Gate.

  6. Keyshe says:

    Whoa, this is really interesting so what why there are two! :O
    Great pages as always so worth the wait!

  7. FribergThorelli says:

    Hi, we wanted to clarify the “there’s no gold left/yes, there is” thing so that readers don’t spend too much energy on it, since it’s not really meant to be an important plot point. ^^ Anzala is merely pointing out that Kalya made an error in thinking on page 782: Kalya thinks there is no gold left in the valley because everything has been taken away from the villagers, the mountains have been mined empty etc. Anzala rightfully reminds her that the gold is indeed still in the valley, just all in one place now, namely in the King’s treasury. Hope that helps. :)

  8. Aviatrix says:

    I don’t remember them creating reflections before. It’s implied here that they know they can create a reflection of a room. I’m going to have to go back and re-read.

  9. dzai says:

    Oh man, so maybe they successfully make the other valley, their sister is the first to succumb to the egg-yolks and turns to ash, and that sets the scene for the shadows in the burial arches…?