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  1. Ikaru says:

    This sucks

    • Mars says:

      Well, moral dilemmas with death at the end of both decisions aren’t exactly a walk in the park, mister or miss.

  2. Ikaru says:

    Just finished reading through the entire archives once again. Oh, I cannot wait for an update. ><

  3. Apey1122 says:

    I just read the entire graphic novel, and I have to say that that was the most depressing web comic I have ever read.

  4. venkagoback says:

    Oh, the graphic novel is out? I did not know that…

    • Apey1122 says:

      Well, it is called a graphic novel up on the left of the comic, so I figured I would call it one as well. As far as I know, an actual hard print version does not exist.

  5. Alien says:

    And that… is why birds know.