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  1. Atyon says:

    Birdy… you will be remembered :’(

  2. venkagoback says:

    T_T RIP Ermes.

  3. Emily says:

    Ermeess!!!! Nooooo!!!!

  4. SilverbackRon says:

    I wonder why it had to be that particular pet bird Ermes, if they were so attached to it. If a bird sacrifice is required, why couldn’t they just ask for a chicken from town? Or whatever food animal is readily available?

    • Nymphadora says:

      Maaaaaybeeee…. it doesn’t really count as a sacrifice as such if it’s just a random chicken? Maybe? Just a thought….. Or they were just under a lot of pressure and not thinking clearly. :S

    • Gillsing says:

      My guess is that the time to make any kind of request is over, and they’re in too much of a hurry to find/summon alternatives. Though it’s certainly possible that the life they sacrifice would have to be one that matters to them. It’s not as if they’ve explained the intricate details of their magic. Showing, not telling. ;-)

  5. Emily says:

    Mannnnnn I’m so excited to be reading this.

  6. Aviatrix says:

    That feather echoing the ones at the beginning makes me sad because the circle is closing to make the whole story complete.