Page 795

Page 795

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  1. NoemZ says:

    Gasp! It begins…

  2. VoidHamlet says:

    We are almost at the tail of the flashback … the party’s about to get started, isn’t it?

  3. venkagoback says:

    Ah….the tunnel between the Oracles’ towers! I see!

  4. GeneseePaws says:

    It seems, hmmm, I don’t know. Did the mirror town get created yet? I’m wondering if that is where the tunnel goes?

  5. SilverbackRon says:

    This looks really great. They have succeeded in… something. I wonder if they realize yet how it works and how it fails. (clearly we have seen some of the problems).

    Will they go through the portal and check it out? Or has time run out and the ruler is about to show up and demand his gold?

    Freaky/scary! Can’t wait for your next update!

  6. Keyshe says:

    This is going to go badly very soon! D:
    Stunning page guys, the art and story are really awesome right now– very dramatic!