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  1. someone says:

    She got bird-brained.

  2. arkane5 says:

    Happy new year!
    So, what happened next? Haha I am so impatient.
    Congrats for 800 pages !

  3. Goose says:

    Please sir, I want some more.

  4. Keyshe says:

    Great pages… ! Time keeps ticking and we know it’s going to go all wrong so soon– taking us slowing through this is making for a great build up! :D

  5. Emily says:

    Oh man, this is really getting interesting!! What happened to the three Oracles, did the main girls just stumble into this dimension by accident, or do they have some connection to the oracles? Why wasn’t Vandi affected? The gold is real, though, so… Vandi could just go back to her town and be rich, right? And what did they mean, finish what she started? What’s going to happen? Is there a way Vandi’s friends could come back?

  6. Dinka says:

    OOOOOH!!! So were Vandi, Elia, and Dores and their personalities becoming reflections of the Oracles?

    AMAZING!!! More more more!