Page 813

Page 813

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  1. Aroree says:

    Oh! Was that um, supposed to happen Kingy?

    So……Birds know snakes?

  2. Sara says:

    And to add to your 13 list, page 813 = worst luck ever for these people :)

  3. arkane5 says:

    You know something is wrong when your golden jewelry turns into golden worms.

  4. Tehbeefer says:

    I hope none of them have tongue piercings.

  5. Lee M says:

    Could give a whole new meaning to “Assassins’ Gild”…

  6. Gerben says:

    I just wanted to note that this page is exceedingly well drawn.

  7. Lurker says:

    Ah, I see it now. So the gold brought back from Ermes’ dimension turns into destructive monstrosities, and the two girls get imprisoned in the tower by the mad king, and things just go downhill from there, until the old civilisation of Nin is destroyed. And now history repeats itself.

  8. Tookye says:

    WOW! The story line is incredible. I’ve spent many moons riding through your story and anxiously await for more.

  9. Yisckah says: