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  1. FribergThorelli says:

    It’s his first time being a monster. I’m sure he’ll get the hang of it…

    • cecilia says:

      How many pages is the story going to be in the end? I have been following for the past 5-6 years. Can’t wait to buy a printed copy. :)

      • FribergThorelli says:

        It’s hard to say an exact number of pages, but we are on the last chapter now. Thanks for reading! :)

        • SeƱor Goose says:

          There are chapters? I guess I’d forgotten. But I’m sad to hear that it’s almost over.

  2. Anne says:

    I’ve been following this fascinating story from the beginning and can’t wait to see what the conclusion of this story will be.

  3. Adrian Bartoli says:

    The last chapter! It seems like there are so many loose ends and story lines still to be revisited. Still, I am impressed. It has gone on for years and been well worth it!

  4. Tehbeefer says:

    crumbly cage

  5. Lee M says:

    Whoa. Talk about angry birds.

  6. Aroree says:

    That escalated and de-escalated quickly…

  7. Lorien077 says:

    Whoa! Really like the crow-monster design, these pages are intense. Nicely done, really looking forward to seeing how this story closes.

  8. Noodly says:

    awwwww, poor birdie. It’s OK, Ermes! One day, you’ll be as good as all the others at destroying evil castles! ~<3