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  1. cu says:

    It is clear the black, big dude is new at this, now he is just winging it :ducks: Wait, ducks?

    Yeah, you guys are too slow, we want a full refund ;-)

    Ha det så bra!

  2. Keyshe says:

    Oh… I was a little behind and wow and awesome pages these are, I love the big black demon monster Ermes. Seems the little bird is mad at him.. if he freeing them or knocking them away?

    • Aroree says:

      It sort of looks like he is bowing to the little bird. Obviously it is higher in the hierarchy somehow. Hard to tell if knocking the cage over was intentional though. I’d say, maybe?

      • Keyshe says:

        Ah yeah it does look like that, we shall see what the next pages show :)

      • LOG says:

        Actually, it looks more like the birds in the cage are afraid of Ermes and he is surprised (first panel) and guilty (third panel) of it. What isn’t entirely clear is if he just released (quite roughly) the birds or if he decided to kill them too by swating them away. You know, leave no witnesses.

        • Aroree says:

          Maybe he looks guilty, but that birdy in the top right panel does not look afraid at all, she looks angry.

          • FribergThorelli says:

            *comes in super late to clear up some confusion*

            The little bird wasn’t supposed to look angry, but we totally agree that it did – it was a mistake on our part which we have now fixed. *points upwards* :)

            And yes, Ermes is bowing to them, and then setting them free.

  3. Geneseepaws says:

    Well, Ermes, did love her very much. I bet he feels affection, still, and won’t hurt her– despite what happened.