What Birds Knovember

Hey guys! Guess what! It’s November 2015, which means that WBK is celebrating 10 years this month! :D We’re a little fuzzy on the exact date, but we know it went online in November 2005. (It incorrectly says October on the site because we had to make some adjustments when we started using WordPress back in 2010.)

Wow! We can’t believe it’s actually been 10 whole years. That’s like a third of our entire lifetime… which is a little bananas when you think about it, honestly. When we started out we thought the comic would be 450 pages long – little did we know that we would one day be at 950 pages and still not be done. Time flies.


Anyway, we thought that this would be a good time to have a little party! To celebrate a decade of WBK we’re going to post random WBK related goodies and Behind the Scenes material on our Facebook Page all the way through November, just for fun. We hope you will like it! :)

In return, we would like to ask you one small favor: Through the years we have been fairly good at making comics, but spectacularly bad at getting the word out and letting people know that WBK exists. We feel like we haven’t reached as many people as we would have liked, especially considering how long the comic has been online. So, kind reader: if you would like to do us a favor during this month and tell just one friend about WBK, that would increase our reader base with at least… 10 people? <:) If you would help us spread the word, that would just be fantastic. Let’s call it a What Birds Know Awareness Month. ;)


Thank you in advance! And thanks for reading.





Two new pages are up!


Four new pages are up!