Hey there, readers. Hope everyone’s having a great summer! :)

Just wanted to drop in and say a few words about the progress. One fateful night in July, when I was about 80% finished with the inking… the computer just up and died. Now, I knew the computer was 10 years old and not just a little cranky, but in my mind I had always been crossing my fingers, thinking “Let’s just hope it will last until the damn comic is finished, please, please, please”… Well, with only 7 pages left, it decided to die on me. >_< Of course we do regular backups, so I knew most of the comic would be safe, but I don’t have the habit of backing up half-finished pages, so for a couple of anxious weeks there it seemed like there was a risk that the 7 half-finished pages would be gone… It wasn’t a great time!

Luckily, when we finally got around to getting a new computer (a real financial setback AND a giant hurdle in the flow of the comicking progress) we found that the files were safe. PHEW! Since then it’s taken some time to get used to the new comp and the new Photoshop etc, but as of this week, I can finally say that we’re up and running again and I’ve finished inking all the pages and started coloring, too.

SOOOO long story short: I knew these 7 pages would take some time, but I didn’t take into account that the computer just might blow up as well. :P So if you’re getting increasingly frustrated with how long this is taking… believe me, so are we! ;) Anyway, it will be finished soon. Stay tuned and thanks for your patience. ♥