A quick update on the state of things:

As per usual with us, work is taking longer than we expected. We’re really itching to start updating soon, but if we promise a date for this to happen, we would probably not be able to keep it anyway. Soon… ish? As fast as we can manage, anyway! Sorry to keep you hanging. Three months is a lot more online than it is IRL, we’ve noticed.

The good news is that we are working on WBK a lot, and we have been throughout the hiatus. We have been finalizing the script, making concept art, and sketching out pages. There’s a lot of new things going into this final chapter, both art wise and in the script, and we also have to make sure everything comes together as we are approaching the end of the comic.

Spoiler: I have a good feeling about it.

These things are a bit tedious and take a lot of time, but are necessary. Thank you for your continued patience for a little longer. We hope the end result will be worth the wait.

-Mattias & Emelie